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Angry Birds Transformers APK MOD v2.18.0 (Unlimited Money)

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Name Angry Birds Transformers APK MOD Angry Birds Transformers APK MOD is the most famous version in the Angry Birds Transformers APK MOD series of publisher APK MOD
Publisher APK Mod
Genre Action
Size 487 MB
Version v2.18.0
Mod Version v2.18.0
Total installs 5,000,000,00+
Content Rating USK: Ages 12+
Update - (2 days ago)
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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( 974 ratings )
Price: $0
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Unlimited Money

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The Angry Birds franchise is world-famous. This was our childhood game. Angry Bird Transformers is the game’s updated edition.Transformers inspired this game. In this game, charming birds become combat robots.This is a fun shooting game where you battle, avoid enemy strikes, and more. Daily missions become harder with time.You can turn your automobiles into fighting machines. You’ll obtain killing weapons. These game series include evil piggies.The game also requires gathering heroes and villains. Some characters have specific skills that can be upgraded. This is a multiplayer game.You can team up with them. Birds and piggies battle till the last adversary dies, then you win. You’ll love the game’s unique gameplay.

 Angry Birds Transformers APK MOD

Angry Bird Transformers Apk

The film Transformers serves as inspiration for this action-packed, turn-based strategy game that features spectacular battles. One click will be all it takes for the birds to morph into other things, such as robots, automobiles, and tanks.You must kill all of your foes and go through the game’s several tasks in order to win. Within the game, you will need to acquire coins in order to be able to purchase new items and improve your existing characters.You may also buy clothing for the birds, which will allow you to give them a heavier and more luxurious appearance. The entertainment value of this particular sequence of furious birds is unparalleled.

Angry Bird Transformers Mod Apk

This version of the game is the modified version, which is also sometimes referred to as the game version of a game. In this iteration, you have complete freedom to act in whatever way you see fit. You will get access to all of the premium features, and all of the characters will be unlocked for you.You will also get access to free shopping, and you will be able to level up both your characters and yourself. You will have access to an infinite supply of coins throughout the game, ensuring that you will never be short of them in this particular iteration.In this game, you will not have to pay anything to have everything you desire. In addition to this, you will obtain a limitless supply of diamonds, jewels, and gold. You will have a limitless supply of everything included in this.

 Angry Birds Transformers APK MOD

Collect Telepods To Unlock Boosts & Items

You need to gather telepods in order to unlock various boosts and other things. The telepods are visible as soon as the game begins to be played. You may also come across telepods when participating in missions or events. You will not be able to access these things until you have collected all of them.

Transform Your Heroes Into Vehicles

This game gives you the ability to change your favourite heroes into a variety of vehicles, giving you more options to get away from the bad guys.You also have the ability to fly and can quickly and rapidly speed up thanks to these skills. You will also be able to defend yourself against strikes launched by your foes thanks to this ability. Some of the transformers have unique characteristics that can be used.

Customize Your Characters

Within the game, you have the ability to personalise each and every character in accordance with your preferences. Your character will have a more interesting appearance once you have customised and upgraded them.You have the ability to modify how your characters look at any time. You can also purchase new weapons for them and increase their existing abilities. In this game, you have complete freedom to act anyway you see fit.


Graphics and effects have undergone a complete overhaul in comparison to those of other games. They have seen the movie “Transformers” before. According to the movie, they essentially cheated their way through the game.There are a lot of different difficulties and components of action in this game, which helps to make it more fascinating and exciting to play. The player’s character may be made more interesting by purchasing a variety of equipment, such as automobiles and weapons.This game has some extremely unique and entertaining visuals to offer players. They created this game with the Transformers fandom in mind specifically from the ground up.

 Angry Birds Transformers APK MOD

Unlimited Coins

You start off with the APK version with no coins. Playing the games will earn you money, which can then be used to purchase other things for your character, such as vehicles and weapons.In addition to that, you may spend cash to enhance their abilities. Because there will never be a scarcity of coins, you will be able to buy everything you choose. That there will never be insufficient funds in your coins. You are free to spend whatever amount that you choose.

All Characters Unlocked

The modded versions have made it possible for you to access all of your favourite characters. You have to complete certain challenges in order to access some characters in the Play Store version. These characters are locked behind a paywall.You also have the option to make advantage of the unique abilities that a select few of the Transformers have to offer. In the modded version of the game angry bird transformers, there wouldn’t be anything that was locked.

Connect With Friends

Playing the Angry Birds Transformers mod apk version of the game with your long-lost buddies gives you the opportunity to reconnect with them.All that is required of you is to ask them to participate, and once they are there, you may enjoy your games and the rivalry with them. You will never lose touch with your long-lost friends and relatives if you play this game since it provides you with that means.

 Angry Birds Transformers APK MOD

Robot Wars

They have included a lot of challenges and fights in the game so that it would be more fascinating to play. They have also included several robot battles for you to participate in so that you can enjoy playing the game even more. Therefore, just as our birds have morphed into robots, our adversaries have also increased their capabilities, which indicates that the conflict is going to be quite exciting.

Free Shopping

Free shopping is also an option in the modded version of the game. This implies that you are able to get anything you want from the in-game shop absolutely free of charge. The Angry Birds Transformers Mod Apk version is where you’ll find the best version of this feature.


The most well-known video game in the world is now Angry Birds Transformers mod apk. During our childhoods, each one of us has, without fail, participated in at least one session of the Angry Birds game series. This is a game that takes its inspiration from the Transformers franchise and allows players to wage war with robots, engage in combat with their rivals, and also form teams.You have the ability to tailor your character’s appearance and abilities to suit your preferences. You even have the ability to level up their powers, vehicles, and weaponry. In addition, the mod version grants you access to free shopping, an infinite supply of cash, unrestricted access to all characters, and an uncapped supply of gems.

 Angry Birds Transformers APK MOD


Q. How much space is required to download the angry bird transformers mod apk?

This application does not require a lot of storage space. This video game is 386 megabytes in size.

Q. Can we download angry bird transformers mod apk version all over the world?

The answer is yes, you can find this game all around the world, and you can download it from any location.

Download Angry Birds Transformers APK MOD v2.18.0 (Unlimited Money)

Download (487 MB)

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