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CryptoTab Browser Pro Apk Mod v4.1.95 Download Free for Android

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Name CryptoTab Browser Pro CryptoTab Browser Pro is the most famous version in the CryptoTab Browser Pro series of publisher ApkMod
Publisher APK Mod
Genre Tools
Size 50 MB
Version v4.1.96
Mod Version v4.1.96
Total installs 5,000,000,00+
Content Rating USK: Ages 12+
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This is a review of the CryptoTab Browser Pro Apk Mobi Chrome Extension. The CryptoTab Browser Mod Apk increases your security when browsing the internet. It offers a fast web text, protects your privacy, and provides additional features to improve your online experience. It improves the security of your operating system by minimizing website hacking, focuses your attention on harmful URLs and windows software applications while keeping your browser secure from useless websites.

Why is CryptoTab Browser Pro Apk so beneficial? It offers a few unique capabilities that other browsers don’t have. If you ever feel like your internet security is getting split between two competing goals, this is an extra you will want to check. It makes browsing the web quicker and more private by employing encryption to cover your IP address when surfing the web. This means no more tracking by third-party applications – even if they have your data.

The CryptoTab extension comes packed with a large array of helpful features that can help you in increasing your online safety. It prevents the installation of software, filters ads, and hides analytics, among other useful features. It is a pretty complete set of features that will make your experience of browsing the Internet more enjoyable while trying to prevent a large range of potential harmful cookies that are placed by third parties. It features a simple and clean user interface, which makes it very simple to use.

CryptoTab Browser Pro Apk

Your browsing experience will be improved while your privacy is kept when you add the CryptoTab Browser Pro Apk addition to your browser. This addition is simple and lightweight. It has a monitoring function that allows you to take screenshots of any page, even when you are browsing the web in private mode. It is also possible for the information that has been collected from these photographs to be shared with third-party services without your knowledge. Some examples of these services were Facebook and Twitter. It is available for download from this location:

Your online safety and privacy may be improved greatly by using CryptoTab Browser Pro Mod Apk, which features an engine that is reliable, open-source, and effective. It uses OpenVPN with TLS 1.2 and SHA-256 as its hashed. It has been tested and verified to function with the majority of the industry-standard web browsers. It protects against Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attacks thanks to the virtual currency technology that is pre-installed on the device. Using this tool will make your internet experience more private and private.

What is CryptoTab Browser Mod Apk

The CryptoTab Browser Mod Apk is an extension for your web browser that gives you the ability to use several tabs while creating a safe connection to a public Wi-Fi network. It is useful to have if you are going to be traveling and do not wish to have your preferred website open on your mobile device. When trying to visit a website that requires a password but your computer is password protected and you do not want to potentially expose your data, another option is to use a different computer.

While you are browsing the internet, using CryptoTab Browser Mod Apk, which is the greatest free browser available, will help you stay safe. The software has been thoughtfully developed to verify that your privacy is kept and that you have free access to the web as a private individual while yet keeping its full functionality. You may connect securely to public Wi-Fi networks by using CryptoTab, and you won’t be asked for any personal information throughout the process. You are also free to leave any of these networks at any moment and join a different one in its place, all without giving any of your personal information in the process.

CryptoTab is an open-source web browser that is both free and packed with trying to cut functionality. When you are linked to a Wi-Fi network that is either not secure or not strong, it can make your web browsing experience better. It will also block ads and others that are trying to steal vital information from you. Additionally, the browser is capable of blocking infection from a number of prevalent computer viruses, such as Locky, SpyEye, Leap, Qihoo, Conium, Fake Software, and others. Users who live in nations that do not protect users’ right to freedom of expression online can still download the browser.

The CryptoTab Browser Mod Apk allows for a great deal of flexibility. You may quickly install a variety of plugins to your browser that will help you in securely browsing the internet or downloading a great deal of free stuff. If you wish to add a video player from a third party to your settings, for example, you may do so by going to the whitelist and adding the player’s URL. You are also able to add many accounts to it immediately, each of which can have a unique login and password.

CryptoTab Browser Pro Apk Features

The CryptoTab Browser pro apk provides you with all of the current security without impacting your privacy in the process. It runs on open-source software and has been designed from the ground up to be as quick and effective as possible. This allows you to use the application to browse the internet just as if you were sitting in front of your personal computer while connected to a secure and stable network.

The virtual private network (VPN) app comes pre-loaded with a multitude of additional features that, when merged, deliver your web browsing virtually hack-proof. The application comes with a variety of helpful add-ons already pre-installed on it, such as browser front ends, Digital payment applications, email clients, and a lot more besides.

CryptoTab Browser Mod Apk is a free browser extension that, in similar to existing browsers, provides you with a significant increase in both privacy and protection of your data. It features built-in quick flash storage, which allows you to keep frequently used documents, websites, and web pages in private pockets within your browser without having to download them all again. This removes the need to restart the download process.

Additionally, it allows you the ability to keep pages that you kind of visit (like news feeds on websites or forums, for instance) in private regions, making them unavailable to anybody other than you and those who have your permission to view them.

Try out one of the top internet filtering applications that is available for Android if you want to keep one step ahead of the game and capitalize over the other similar businesses. CryptoTab is a browser that protects your privacy by blocking trackers and preventing your data from being leaked in the form of photos and other data streams as a result of your online browsing behavior. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

On your mobile device, you are able to stream content in a linear direction and play high-definition games at the speed of light. Applying speed multipliers will allow your character to move quickly and efficiently through the game world.

Bitcoin Generation

The CryptoTab Browser Pro Apk gives users the ability to create Bitcoins, which can then be traded on the internet for a variety of other currencies, items, and services. Bitcoin (BTC) is a decentralized digital currency that was first introduced in 2008 by an unknown group of persons who called themselves Satoshi Moto to conceal their identity. Mining is the procedure that generates the opportunity to win bitcoins as a reward.

Bitcoin Transfers

Users of CryptoTab Browser Pro Apk have the ability to send and receive an infinite amount of bitcoin on a daily basis. These withdrawals have the lowest possible minimum amount that can be withdrawn. Regarding the transfers, there are none of the follows : “ or limitations.

Premium Version

Feature to Benefits

In the event that a user has any questions or concerns related to it, CryptoTab Browser Pro APK offers helpful customer assistance. This is done by making contact information readily available on their official website, via email, and on other social media accounts.

 Users will be able to profit from private browsing and avoid the need of a wide selection of extension and change choices.

 Your overall surfing speed in CryptoTab will rise by between 50 and 100 %, and there will be no pauses to your connection.

100% satisfied or your money back.

You’ve finally arrived at the app you’ve been looking for!

Never again will you have to pay for an in-app purchase: Get to try out four different international applications and save,

You are able to restrict the information that is transferred between your smartphone and the sites you visit by using CryptoTab Browser Pro Apk. This app also makes it possible for you to create several profiles to use for various activities, such as focused studying or casual browsing.

The one-handed capability that is exclusive to CryptoTab makes it a lot simpler to operate tablet applications on your smartphone.

Transform the capabilities of your mobile device into those of a mobile titan. CryptoTab is the quickest browser available for anonymous browsing, downloading torrents, streaming video and audio, and other similar activities.

The user will receive everything necessary for total immersion without having their battery life diminished in any way.

Get more out of life with greater speed, security, and convenience.

More pages quicker

Your mobile browsing experience is noticeably more effective.

Download & Install the CryptoTab Browser Pro

CryptoTab Browser Pro Mod Apk for Android free download. Follow these 4 steps to get a free paid app.

Download CryptoTab Browser Pro Apk.

Download CryptoTab Browser Pro Apk from this page (after the description) to your Android phone, tablet, or PC. If you downloaded apk on your PC, move it to your Android.

Allow third-party apps on Android.

You must enable third-party apps as an installation source to install CryptoTab Browser Pro Apk (from third-party sources). Check Unknown Sources in Menu > Settings > Security to probability App installations.

Installing CryptoTab Browser Pro on your Android smartphone has been completed. Enjoy!


CryptoTab Browser Pro Apk is a nice and effective app for earning online from home. Users may surf the web while collecting bitcoins in their account. CryptoTab Browser Pro Apk bitcoins may be used to buy services. CryptoTab Browser Pro Apk’s advanced features cost a modest fee.


Q. Is the downloading of CryptoTab Browser Pro Apk files safe for the android system?

Yes! It’s secure and virus-free to download CryptoTab Browser Pro APK online.

Download CryptoTab Browser Pro Apk Mod v4.1.95 Download Free for Android

Download (50 MB)

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