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Name Floor Plan Creator MOD APK Floor Plan Creator MOD APK is the most famous version in the Floor Plan Creator MOD APK series of publisher ApkMod
Publisher APK Mod
Genre Art & Design
Size C
Version 3.5.8
Mod Version 3.5.8
Total installs 8700000000000
Content Rating USA: Ages 12+
Update - (2 days ago)
MOD Info Pro Unlocked
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Pro Unlocked

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If you are seeking for an architect, you don’t need to waste money on this anymore since you can simply be your own architect with the aid of this application, which I am going to describe to you in more detail today.

There is an application that you may use that is called the floor plan designer. This application’s primary purpose is to provide assistance to users in the process of house or building design. You are the architect of your own project while using this application. Using this application, you may plan the interior of your very own home or business. Using this application, you may design your house in a professional manner by choosing certain dimensions and aspect ratios.

They will provide you with accurate measures of your height, length, and other attributes. The floor plan generator in this application also allows for interior design work to be done. When you are finished with the structures, you can then move on to putting items like furniture, display pieces, and a great deal more within your house to choose which things will match with the style and colour of your house or building.

Floor Plan Creator MOD APK

The application will provide you with access to a sizable design library from which you may select the most fashionable designs; alternatively, if you want a design that is uniquely yours, you can modify the existing design to reflect your preferences. By providing us with these amenities, they have made our task more manageable.

You may now save money by acting as both your own architect and interior designer; formerly, you would have needed to hire an architect. And once you’ve finished building the house, you can then construct a 3D tour of it, which will allow you to see what the interior of your home looks like when guests arrive or when you stroll through it yourself. You may access and download this app for free from the Google Play store; however, the paid premium edition of the app has additional capabilities that are not available in the free version.

What is floor plan creator apk?

An architectural app called Floor plan builder allows you to design your own home from the ground up using its features. You may even create your own buildings and offices with the assistance of this application.

Using this application, you’ll be able to design floors with a high level of detail, and you’ll also be able to add numerous levels at once to create structures. This application makes it easy for you to create your own home by providing you with various features and services, exactly like professional architect would.

Floor Plan Creator MOD APK

This application should at least be tried out once by each and every person. If you are not going to hire architects, this is the greatest answer for your problem.

What is floor plan creator mod apk?

As I have mentioned, this app gives us access to a wide variety of features and services; but, there are some functions that can only be accessed by paying subscribers to the app’s premium tier. This indicates that in order to enjoy those features, you will need to upgrade to the premium version.

But what if we told you that you could utilise those features even if you didn’t purchase anything? You did indeed read it correctly. You are able to make full use of the premium features of the floor plan builder app by downloading the mod apk version of the application instead of paying for the premium edition of the app.

Additionally, it provides you with its own own cloud storage if you upgrade to the premium version. You have the ability to store the data you have designed in the storage, and if you download this app on another phone or remove it and then download it again, you will be able to retrieve the data you have saved exactly as it was before.

Your data will be synchronised in the cloud without any action required on your part; in fact, you won’t even need to think about it.

Floor Plan Creator MOD APK

Easy to use

There are a lot of different design applications, but this one has several features that are extremely unique, and those unique aspects are what will convince you to download it.

This design app has several unique features that will make you download it.

The fact that the floor plan generator is simple to operate is without a doubt the feature that stands out the most. You should be able to grasp their capabilities and configurations within a minute at the very most.


Using this function of the application, you are able to place furniture in the house that you have built. When you design a home or structure, the process of decorating it may be quite confusing. Additionally, there are instances when we buy things that turn out to be incompatible with the ideas that we had in mind.

This application has probably simplified half of the work that you had to do. You are now able to undertake interior design work within this app. By including the features you desire into the layout of your home, you give yourself the opportunity to test them out.


This is not like other applications in which the only thing you can do is create and decorate a house with various pieces of furniture. Using this application, you are able to measure the height, distance, length, and breadth of the house that you have constructed. 

The typical person now has an easier time creating their own home thanks to this application. You can determine the dimensions of every side of your home with this application.

Floor Plan Creator MOD APK


This application has another incredible function to give you if you are having trouble creating the pattern with your fingertips, and it is designed to help you do just that. where you can draw pictures on your phone using the pen that comes with it. 

Users of Samsung devices, in particular, have the ability to effortlessly create their own home or structure using their S-pen. It is no longer necessary for you to be concerned about sketching the pattern with your fingertips. In addition, the usage of a mouse can be of great assistance in this endeavour.

Free services

With this component of the modded version, you will have access to all premium services at no additional cost. You are free to download this version if you do not wish to make a purchase. 

You won’t be charged a dime to download the Mod version, and you’ll get unrestricted access to all of its functions despite the fact that some of those functions are paid upgrades.

Cloud Storage

This application has its very own cloud storage, which is where all of your information will be kept. In addition to this, it will synchronise all of your data and designs with their cloud storage automatically. 

Even if you remove the app from your phone, the data will still be stored in the account associated with the app. This is a premium feature that can be unlocked for no additional cost in the mod version of the game.

Dimensions Tour

This feature surpasses all others in its category. When you are through creating and decorating your house or building, you have the option of taking a 3D tour of your planned house or structure to get a glimpse of what the interior of the home will look like when you enter it. 

You will be able to take a comprehensive tour of your house or structure using the 3D tour, and you will be able to see it from every angle. Because of this particular feature, I really enjoy using this application.


Floor Plan Creator MOD APKLightweight App

If you are unable to download these kinds of applications onto your phone because it has a limited amount of capacity, then this version, which is a lightweighted version, is the ideal option for you. 

This application takes up less space than most others, making it simpler for you to download it and giving you more time to enjoy the process of decorating your home.


I believe that using this application has simplified a few processes. It is possible to give your house a professional look without spending any money on it. Downloading this version of the mod will allow you to save money for two reasons: first, you won’t have to pay for any of the mod features, and second, you’ll receive an architect completely free of charge. 

And in this day and age, there is nothing more valuable than being able to save money. You no longer have to pay someone else to design the interior of your home since you can do it yourself as an interior designer. You are free to develop these items on your own in lieu of this option.

Floor Plan Creator MOD APK


Q. Is floor plan mod apk safe to download?

The answer is that it is perfectly safe to download this application.

Q. Does the app floor plan mod apk occupy less space?

This lightweight application utilizes less space.











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