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FMWhatsapp APK Download v20 Latest Version Official Anti-Ban 2022

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Name FMWhatsApp APK FMWhatsApp APK is the most famous version in the FMWhatsApp APK series of publisher Whatsapp
Publisher APK Mod
Genre Communication
Size 52 MB
Version v20
Mod Version v20
Total installs 5,000,000,00+
Content Rating USK: Ages 12+
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Get the latest version of FMWHatsApp APK. It is usually preferable to use a modified version of an application instead of the original one. If you’re tired of your current WhatsApp mod and want to try something new, FMWhatsapp is the way to just go. FMWhatsapp is here to make your life easier. It is impossible to get all of these features from the original WhatsApp app, but FMWhatsapp does it all for you. WhatsApp has added dozens of new new features for its users, including customization, privacy, and more. You may Download FMWhatsApp APK from our website for free.


Using modded apks instead of the original software is a common practise. In general, the MOD APK provides a more enjoyable experience for the user. Updates and new features are constantly added to the app by MOD developers. There are several reasons why people choose to use Whatsapp MOD APK. Mods for WhatsApp include GB Whatsapp, FM Whatsapp, Whatsapp Plus, and OG Whatsapp. There is no way to get these modified apks through Google play or the Play Store. Our website fulfils this MOD’s requirement. Visit our website to get the most recent versions of these Mods.

What is FMWhatsapp?

There are several new features in FMWhatsapp, which is a modified version of the original Whatsapp app. Regardless of the lack of issues in the original WhatsApp, the application loses much of its use when certain features are added or removed. FMWhatsapp adds features that the normal WhatsApp app does not. We don’t even care whether we’re using the official WhatsApp app or a modified version of it. There is hardly a time when we don’t look for the greatest app to use. A large number of Whatsapp MOD APKs are accessible nowadays, some of which are just a clone of the source program with no additional features, and some of which are fake. Because of this, we’ve chosen to gather such a WhatsApp MOD from reliable sources and make it easily available to our customers.

Amazing Features Of FMWhatsApp (Latest Version)

Using a MOD instead of the original software is always recommended. Increasing user desire for privacy and additional features has led to a rise in the use of WhatsApp App modifications. To put it another way, modifications include additional features that aren’t in the original game, making the game more enjoyable. That is why we have included some of FMWhatsapp’s features below. If you like these features, I strongly recommend that you give FMWhatsapp a try.

Privacy Features Of FMWhatsApp Apk

Freeze your Last Scene

Some WhatsApp users want to keep their last seen private. Officially, you may switch off your last seen on WhatsApp in the original Whatsapp app. The last seen of other Whatsapp users will not be visible to you unless you install FMWhatsapp, which lets you view the last seen of other users but prevents others from seeing your last seen. FMWhatsapp APK Download is simple and easy.

To activate this option, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of FMWhatsApp, choose Fouad modifications> Privacy> and then select Freeze Last Seen from the drop-down menu.

Hide view status in FMWhatsApp

FMWhatsapp has yet another important feature, and it is this one. MOD is preferred by the majority of people due of the greater privacy options it provides. People who have posted tales on their status will not be able to tell that you are seeing their status as a result of the use of this feature.

Show Blue ticks after Reply

Using FMWhatsapp, you may be entirely undetected by your friends, reading their messages but not responding to them. This feature may be of interest to you. It’s common for us to get messages that we read, but for whatever reason, we can’t respond to them. So, what’s the answer to this problem? Your message recipient won’t notice blue ticks until you respond to them, thanks to FMWhatsApp’s ability to hide the ticks from view.

Hide delivered and blueTick

FMWhatsapp also has another excellent feature in this regard. Other user will not be able to see the delivered message and the blue tick as a result of this feature. In addition, you will get messages; however, the user will only see blue ticks when you respond to them, rather than just seeing the content.

Hide typing and recording action text

When you activate this feature during conversing with someone, it will not be visible to them that you are typing or recording a voice message. Download FMWhatsApp right now to take advantage of these amazing features and the maximum privacy.

Disable Forwarded Tag on Messages

The word ‘forwarded’ appears next to each message we send to a friend or a group. This might be irritating at times. With the help of the FMWhatsapp app, we may send messages to others without letting them realise that they’ve already been forwarded many times.

Anti-Delete status

The FMWhatsapp’s anti-ban status is once again one of the best features. If someone uploads a story in the status area and then deletes the story after it has been posted, the post will be removed from the site and no one will be able to see it. However, with the help of FMWhatsapp, you will be able to view other people’s stories even after they have been deleted.

Anti-Delete Messages

A same feature to the anti-ban status feature is included with FMWhatsapp’s anti-ban message feature. If a sender deletes a message after it has been sent, the message will display to the recipient as ‘this message was deleted,’ and the receiver will not be able to determine who sent the message since the sender has been obscured. You will be able to see the removed communication with the support of FMWhatsapp.


FMWhatsapp will allow you to customise a variety of elements, such as themes, to your liking. FMWhatsapp has over 100 different themes to choose from. There are now some new backgrounds to choose from as well. FMWhatsapp allows you to alter the language, as well as the font style, that is shown. If you submit your status for seven minutes, you will be able to view any deleted messages and your current status. and it’s all completely free. There is no need to invest a single dime since everything is provided for free. FMWhatsapp APK is available for download.

How To Install FMWhatsapp

·       Initial step: deactivate, remove, or disable the official WhatsApp app or an old FMWhatsApp APK (if installed).

·       Now, to get FMWhatsApp’s latest version APK, just click on the link provided.

·       The APK file should be saved in your device’s storage.

·       Open Android Settings and then Security Settings to access these options.

·       Device Administration options may be found by scrolling down the page.

·       Select the option that reads “install applications from unknown sources” and click “OK.”

·       If you get any pop-ups, just click on the OK button.

·       Navigate to the Downloads folder and double-click the FMWhatsApp APK file to install it.

·       Install should be selected, and you should wait for the installation to complete.

The Final Wordings

We’ve always like using WhatsApp, but because it’s an official version, it comes with some limitations, but don’t stress. With its amazing features, “FMWhatsApp” is simply superior to the official WhatsApp version. It’s the same as handing up all control to the users. So go ahead and give it a try; trust me when I say that once you install it, you will not be able to live without it. Use the Download links you can download FMWhatsapp right now.

Download FMWhatsapp APK Download v20 Latest Version Official Anti-Ban 2022

Download (52 MB)

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