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GBWhatsApp APK Download V20.10.1 (Updated) Anti-Ban 2022 Official

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Name GBWhatsApp APK Download V19.60.1 GBWhatsApp APK Download V19.60.1 is the most famous version in the GBWhatsApp APK Download V19.60.1 series of publisher GB Whatsapp
Publisher APK ModApps
Size 52 MB
Version 20.10.1
Mod Version 20.10.1
Total installs 8,000,000,00+
Content Rating USK: Ages 12+
Update - (3 days ago)
MOD Info Anti-Ban 2022
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4.0 ( 532 ratings )
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MOD Info

Anti-Ban 2022

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Whatsapp has now become an essential part of all Android phones. It’s usually the best place for people to share their photos, audio, videos, and other things. Most people use an ordinary Whatsapp account and don’t use the premium features of this app.

We have the most up-to-date GB Whatsapp Apk 2022 that you can use. This version of the APK lets you hide your status, last seen, and other premium features for free. You can also get all the other features for free. We make sure that our Downloading links are 100% safe and work on your devices without being blocked by Whatsapp. You can download and install the GBWhatsApp APK on your phone or tablet.

A superb exciting app:

Try GBWhatsApp Mod now if you haven’t already. They have many apps out there for things like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many other things. People love WhatsApp because it has many features, but now there is a Mod of WhatsApp with even more features! It is an excellent app for people to use and has many advanced features.

The most using app:

This app is new for Android users. If you want to talk to your friends in India and around the world without having to install anything or sign up for anything, this is the app for you. All of your actions are tracked and watched by Google when you use GB WhatsApp. In terms of messaging apps, what makes GB WhatsApp stand out from the rest? If you want, I can show you what I see.


The main difference between GBWhatsApp Mod and the official Whatsapp is:

·       GB Whatsapp is more prominent in size. If you want to send many videos, GBWhatsapp can handle 50MB instead of the standard 16MB.

·       It can send and receive 100 documents instead of 30.

·       You can also copy a friend’s status to the clipboard and copy multiple messages without the original date and time.

·       GBWhatsApp Apk has a massive selection of themes. We added a lot of different themes and fonts to this app.

·       The GBWhatsApp Apk doesn’t have to be running all the time.

·       You can now change the style, color, and shape of blue ticks and the style of chat heads.


Auto sending message:

·       Sometimes you are unavailable to reply to your message. The Auto-reply feature makes your life easy. Someone gets to get a sudden reply when they message you. This feature has a tremendous and positive impact on life.

·       So many people use the auto-reply feature of GBWhatsapp to help their businesses. It is beneficial for people who sell things, entrepreneurs, and YouTubers because GBWhatsapp sends customers the correct answer based on their message.

Filter messages:

·       The GB Whatsapp APK has a feature called Filter Messages that lets you clear your chat, which can also filter your messages. This feature also lets you clear your chat.

·       When you use the Filter Messages feature, you can filter out old messages when you delete them to separate the spam quickly.


·       We don’t want to revoke your account in this message: Anti-revoke messages consider in the package. Anti revoke means getting back the text that the sender has deleted by mistake. I

·       t’s one of the best things about GBWhatsapp because you can read messages that someone doesn’t want you to read.

Share live locations:

·       It was impossible to share live locations. When it was first released, it was only possible to share your live location for up to 8 hours at a time.

·       People who use GB Whatsapp 2022 live locations with friends to keep in touch can also share


·       It’s easy for people to take their pictures or videos to stand out and be unique by adding special effects when they send them to their friends or family.


·       If you don’t like how WhatsApp looks the same and isn’t very interesting, you can change the look of the WhatsApp user interface.

·       To solve this problem, you can use the GBWhatsapp APK to help. In the customization options, you can choose from many different themes and fonts. Change the look of your WhatsApp by picking a theme and then setting it as the one you want to use.

Last status freezing:

·       The last status is the last thing you did on WhatsApp. It shows your last active status on the app. When you are online, it shows what you looked like on WhatsApp in the past. People don’t want other people to know when they last saw them.

·       Because they want to keep the last seen status the way it is now. You can use the GBWhatsapp APK to freeze the last seen and show them old last week’s scenes when you were on.

Endless Themes:

·       This new exciting version of  GB Whatsapp also has a new feature called “Theme.” Many themes and Emojis are added to your mobile to match your mood.

·       When you use GBWhatsApp, you can make WhatsApp look great with its endless themes. It is the main thing that makes it so good. Also, if you search for GB Whatsapp themes on any web browser, you can get its themes for free, too!

·       GbWhatsApp is crazy because you can check your message history even if you deleted or removed them from your logs. You can do this even if you don’t want to see it.

Alter contacts:

·       Altering contacts means making contacts look like they were made. You can change each contact’s color for different guys individually through GBWhatsapp to easily recognize them.

·       It’s easy to mark unread messages because you can choose only to mark them.

Hide Online and other privacy features:

·       Even if you don’t show up in the last seen list on WhatsApp, people will still know that you are online. So there isn’t a way to stop people from seeing your last seen if you are online. Because you don’t want to show them that you’re online, hide your online status. Just download the most recent version of GBWhatsapp APK.

How to use privacy features:

·       In the first place, hide your online status from privacy settings.

·       Afterward, you should stop typing and recording.

·       You can turn off blue ticks and double ticks (Read Receipts) on your WhatsApp. Then you can set an Auto Reply on your WhatsApp with a custom message that you can change.

Status Downloading:

·       Another great thing about this app is downloading the statuses that your friends post. You can get the pictures and videos that they put on their statuses.

·       When you download status, you don’t have to ask your friend for status because you can download it yourself. That’s why GB Whatsapp APK has a feature that makes it easy to download someone’s video status from their account.

DND mode:

·       This mode is suitable if you don’t want to get any voice or video calls on WhatsApp. It doesn’t get any calls on WhatsApp even if you have a working connection to the web.

·        It doesn’t take long to turn this feature on and work on the Internet while you do other things.

Tips on how to use DND:

·       On your whatsapp, when you turn on DND mode, only whatsapp will be cut off from the Internet.

·       You can, however, set up a group to receive messages and calls from other people on whatsapp, even though you only have a few friends on it.

Unique font:

·       Are you tired of the old font? It is a great font. You can then choose the type of font you want to use with this feature. You can also change how your messages look from your side and the side of the person you’re texting.

·       GBWhatsapp has a lot of different fonts that can make your messages look different not only from your side but also from the person you’re texting.

Keep your whatsapp lock:

·       This feature is essential because it helps you keep your WhatsApp safe. With this feature, you can protect your WhatsApp account with a security code that only you can see and use.

·        When you open your GBWhatsapp, you should set a password. Also, you can use a security password to keep your private chat from being seen by other people.

Tips to set up security for WhatsApp:

·       To open the GBWA APK, you must set a password.

·       Also, you can set a password lock on a specific chat to keep it safe.

·       In addition, to keep your chats safe, set up a daily backup.

Hiding features:

·       You can hide it if you don’t want people to know that you are recording your voice. When using GB Whatsapp APK, you can hide notifications from your main screen. It is another great thing about this app!

Log history:

·       GBWhatsapp has a great feature called “log history,” and it’s beneficial. To find out when a guy came online, how long it took for him to write a post or change the photo for his profile, you need to click on the log button.

Notification feature:

·       It’s the same as WhatsApp. GBWhatsapp also has pop-up notifications with a reply option, and you can hide them from the screen by going to notification settings and turning off the pop-up notifications.

High Resolution:

·       With GB Whatsapp, you can send high-resolution pictures to each other. Image quality is essential because when you send images on WhatsApp official, you have to send them in doc format.

·       If you want to send the same quality image, you have to send it in that format. But when you use GBWhatsapp, you can send pictures and videos of the same size and quality to another person right away.

Mark unread messages:

·       In the GBWhatsApp Home screen, you can select all chats at the same time when you search for messages or see a single message.


·       It is another excellent feature. When you uninstall this app, the last language you choose will be the one you choose when you reinstall it when you do it again. This app also has a lot of letters in it.


For IOs:

Today, there are a lot of different devices that people use, but the iPhone is the most popular. they have no idea how GBWhatsApp APK Download for the iOS file on their phone. Stay with me as long as you know how to download a file.

·       The first thing to do is go to your browser site on your phone or tablet.

·       To get the iOS file, click on the button below.

·       You can open a file after you download it to set it up.

·       Click the “Install” button to do it when you have completed

·       After a few seconds,  when the completion of the process of installation.

Now that is a setup, and it’s time to open the Gbwhatsapp iOS app.

·       If you don’t have a WhatsApp account, you can make one.

For Android:

·       From here, you can get the GB WhatsApp app.

·       Your phone must have enough space for this app.

·       Please turn on the security settings so that you can download unknown apps.

·       Install the GB WhatsApp app on your phone.

·       After you download the app, you can install it on your Android device by going to the app’s folder.

·       It’s easy to get GB WhatsApp.

·       Sign in with your phone number after the app has launched

·       After you enter the number, type in the OTP.

·       Now, you can change the features to meet your needs.

For PC:

Because the original GBWhatsApp APK Latest version is straightforward for people to use on their computer. No installation should be considered on a computer for the GB WhatsApp download apk. To do that, we’ll need to use an Android app. We can do this by following these steps:

·       Then, get Blue stacks or another Android emulator and put them on your PC.

·       Following downloading the its.exe file, go where the file is saved and install it there.

·       You can get the GBWhatsApp APK Profile from your browser.

·       Go to the blue stack and choose the GB WhatsApp APK option from the drop-down menu.

·       Open the location where the APK file is stored, then click on it.

·        To do this, click on the APK file.

·       Open GB whats app after installing it.

·       Your phone number must be entered and verified before you can use all of the features on your phone.


GBWhatsApp APK Updated new features are as follows:

·       Anti-ban

·       On every Android device, this app works.

·       Put people into groups with this mod.

·       When you’re in a group, don’t talk to anyone.

·       There are no more problems with stickers from Google Play now.

·       No more crashes when I try to find a theme.


When using GBWhatsApp, you can customize your own privacy settings in addition to the other features stated above. Manual control of whether your mobile device informs others of your where about or not is implied.


One of the best apps for WhatsApp is that you can download GB WhatsApp APK from our website. This one has many exciting and compatible features and different functions than official apps.

But still, it’s just a different way to use the official app. We can use it with the official app to connect with people who use the official app. But its flaws can’t be ignored, either. GBWhatsApp Download has banned many accounts because it isn’t safe, but its developers like XDA and HeyMods always make sure it stays safe.

Cool, exciting app:

GBWhatsapp is the best alternative to the WhatsApp MOD that comes with WhatsApp. We have the most up-to-date version of the GBWA APK 2022 app for Android. I think it’s one of the best WhatsApp Mods out there because it has a lot of great things.

Download the most recent version of GBWhtsapp to use the free features added to your smartphone. It has a lot more features for people who use them now. So please don’t wait to get it.

The green download button in the post is above. Look for it and click it to get the file. It doesn’t stop there. We also have other WhatsApp and Instagram apps on our site! Check them out, too. We will let you know as soon as we have the next version of GB WhatsApp. Thanks for reading our post to the end. Have a great day.


How do you back up GBWhatsApp?

It’s time to open GBWhatsApp and go to settings. Select “back up” to save your chats and other data, click “OK.” It will also have the option to back up after a certain number of times. You can choose how many times to back up. It will automatically back up after that time.

Is it possible to use two Whatsapp accounts on the same phone?

Not at all! You can keep both versions of the app, and they don’t affect how the app works at all.

Is it safe to use GB WhatsApp?

A third-party app, which doesn’t follow privacy and rules, does not work with this app at all. There is a chance that viruses and blocking could happen, so be careful.

Can you make audio and video calls in the new version of WhatsApp?

Do you know how important this part of calling is? In GBWhatsApp, you can make audio and video calls. It doesn’t matter if you have a steady internet connection to use this. Call any friend on WhatsApp for free, except for wifi or data. Because some older GBWhatsApp APK doesn’t have this feature, it’s a good idea to use the most up-to-date version.

How do I get the GB WhatsApp version to work?

If an application doesn’t get new updates, it will be limited. Having new updates and adding new features makes an application run for a long time. GB WhatsApp is constantly changing to make sure it stays up to date. Changing out the old app with a new one is how you can update it. You can do this by just going to the official website and getting the new file.

4.0 8,823 total

Download GBWhatsApp APK Download V20.10.1 (Updated) Anti-Ban 2022 Official

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