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Human Fall Flat Apk v1.10 (MOD, For Android) Download Free

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Name Human Fall Flat Apk Human Fall Flat Apk is the most famous version in the Human Fall Flat Apk series of publisher ApkMod
Publisher APK Mod
Genre Action
Size 469.6 MB
Version V1.10
Mod Version V1.10
Total installs 5,000,000,00+
Content Rating USK: Ages 12+
Update - (5 days ago)
MOD Info For Android
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( 310 ratings )
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For Android

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A fantastic computer game based on physics is called Human Fall Flat. You take on the role of a jelly-like figure in this game who frequently dreams of strange locations chock-full of challenges. If you want to figure out the problems, you must be more creative. Gain proper control over your character because learning the moves is the game’s first difficult task. To complete the complex problems, one must walk, leap, grab, climb, and carry anything.

Each of the game’s 10 open-ended stages is filled with difficult puzzles and other distractions. Try to discover new routes and assist Bob in leaving this surreal environment. There are still undiscovered elements in every level. Both local solo and multiplayer two-player modes are available. The 3D graphics in this game are unique, adding to its appeal and intrigue. There is an online multiplayer component that allows you to play with your friends. Play against opponents from all over the world.

Have fun with your friends while tackling challenging puzzles and games together. To get the most out of this game, you may have up to four people playing at once. The gameplay itself is entertaining, and players can also perform jokes on one another in order to divert the attention of other players. It is an absolutely free game, and you will not be required to spend even a single dime to participate. The ability to create your playable character is a standout element of this game. Play with a variety of clothing to give your character a style that is both distinct and amusing. It comes with hundreds of costumes, including ones for a dog, a ninja, a princess, and many more.

The game is based on actual physics, yet it allows you to explore more fanciful realms than ever before. Because everything necessary to manage the character will be displayed on screen, the controls are quite straightforward. You’ll need to solve dozens of problems carefully since making a single error will reset the game and send you back to the beginning. We are going to go into the specifics of this game right now.

Intuitive Controls

It features a control configuration that is not overly complicated and is quick to operate. On-screen access is provided to every one of the control buttons. Easy climbing, moving, grabbing, and carrying, as well as walking. Because there is no planned action in the game, you are free to wander wherever you like. It features a joystick that is completely responsive so you can move around more easily. Learning how to use the controls in the game is going to be the first challenge you face. The game is made easier and more pleasant by the innovative controls. You may adjust the placement of the control buttons to get the most out of your experience.

Mind-Bending Puzzles

This game is packed with difficult puzzles to solve. It contains ten levels with no set ending, and each level has its own unique set of riddles that are both entertaining and difficult. Using your understanding of physics, you should be able to complete each challenge. Play through all of the stages and become an expert at finding solutions to the problems. You will discover fresh ways to advance through each level as well as a variety of hidden areas. Utilizing the laws of real-world physics is one way to solve puzzles. Each level presents its own unique challenges, and in order to advance to the next one, you must first master the previous one.

Play with Friends

It comes with a multiplayer mode, in which you may compete against friends, relatives, or even total strangers. Participate in cooperative problem solving with up to three other players. You may also play practical jokes on one another to make the game more challenging and funny. When there are more people playing the game, it’s more fun. You may meet new people and make new friends in the game, as well as uncover secret and find new paths in each level. After the most recent update, the game features two brand new game modes: city and golf. You can choose to either assist your pals or hinder them in order to advance in the game. The multiplayer mode has been perfected and does not use a significant amount of mobile data


The graphics in this game are very exceptional and stand out from others. The use of 3D graphics adds to the overall quality and appeal of the product. This game has a one-of-a-kind jelly-like avatar, which you can also modify by dressing in a variety of clothes. It boasts gorgeous views and interesting sites. It has a wonderful quality, and the textures are quite smooth. The excellent quality of the visuals causes the game’s file size to be somewhat large.

Customize Your Character

Those players who desire to create their in-game character will find this to be a useful element in the game. While you are playing with your friends, you may design your character and give it an appearance that is unique and eye-catching. There are plenty of costumes to choose from, such as those depicting dogs, princesses, cats, wizards, witches, and other characters. You have complete creative freedom when it comes to dressing up your character. Mixing and matching pieces from other outfits is another way to create your own unique look.

Addictive Gameplay

Because the gameplay is so difficult and addicting, you won’t get tired of playing this game even if you do it for hours on end. There are 2 different modes: single-player and multiplayer, both of which can be selected. You may play with your pals to make the most of the pleasure you get from the game. You may listen to in-game lessons to better comprehend the challenges presented in each level. If you don’t use the controls correctly and move your character about, you won’t be able to master the movement, and you’ll have to start the game over. You can grab and use objects in the game. You also have the ability to carry things for use at a later time. You may spice up the action by playing against random people and pulling pranks on them.

Free of Cost

You won’t have to pay anything to play this game. Because it is a free game, you are able to progress through all of the levels without having to spend a single cent for the pleasure. It is a full version of the game that can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store. You may also get this game from the internet in the form of an APK file that you can download. Due to the inclusion of a multiplayer option, it is necessary to have access to the internet in order to play this game.


The computer game Human Fall Flat is played by a lot of people. It does not cost anything to play at all. You have the option to play in multiplayer and can meet new people that way. You have a lot of options in the game to create your character. The controls are really straightforward and easy to comprehend. The addition of 3D visuals elevates the experience to a higher level of awesomeness and appeal. Get this game downloaded right away, and then start playing it with your friends.


Q. How can I download this game on my android device?

It’s on Android. This game is available from Google Play and online as an Apk file.

Q. What is the size of this game?

You’ll need at least 600 MB of free space to install this game.

Download Human Fall Flat Apk v1.10 (MOD, For Android) Download Free

Download (469.6 MB)

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