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Lumbercraft Mod APK v2.3.1 (Unlimited Coins) Download

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Name Lumbercraft Mod APK Lumbercraft Mod APK is the most famous version in the Lumbercraft Mod APK series of publisher Android
Publisher APK Mod
Genre Simulation
Size 153 MB
Version v2.3.1
Mod Version v2.3.1
Total installs 5,000,000,00+
Content Rating USK: Ages 12+
Update - (1 day ago)
MOD Info Unlimited Coins
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Unlimited Coins

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Amazing game called Lumbercraft requires you to chop wood and stand and fight with various characters in order to live. All you need to do is gather timber by cutting up trees and other objects in the game. The 3D graphics in this game provide simple images and motions. Although the game’s controls are really basic, you must become an expert player if you want to chop trees and forest perfectly. Build your tower, homes, or even your own village in the game with those lumbers.

Many people will try to kill you with bows, so you must defend yourself while continuing to build amazing mansions and castles. To battle your foes, create towers and add guns to them. You can easily increase the power of your gaming stuff. The sole criteria for gameplay are to cut down trees and actually attack with your enemies.

What is Lumbercraft Apk?

The graphics and controls of the basic and original game Lumbercraft Apk are simple. You must clear the land of woods and construct your homes, town, and towers. You must chop trees and wood properly since it is difficult to chop them. In the game, there are a ton of villains that will try to burn down and destroy your tower and homes. You must defend yourself by mounting a gun in your tower. Using a cannon, you may easily defeat your adversaries. Improve your towers to make them deadly in the game. You may play this game for free, and it is quite easy.

What is Lumbercraft Mod Apk?

The game Lumbercraft Mod is a superb hack that gives you unlimited funds like coins. You may improve your gear and armor for free using those money. Due to the abundance of free resources in the game, you do not need to be concerned about running out of resources. Playing this modified version will allow you to remove the game’s grating ads without even buying the full version. To get extra cash and things, trade wood. Here are some of this fun and simple game’s key characteristics.

Cut Woods

In the fantastic wood-chopping game Lumbercraft, you may use the wood you cut to create a variety of objects and structures. Cutting abilities are essential since it is difficult to cut wood into exact shapes. Build your own town in the game, complete with a variety of homes and structures. You may quickly improve your towers and homes to gain access to new features and free goods. Cut down trees and gather timber so that you may build military towers and other structures.

Fight Enemies

In addition to having to battle many opponents, you also have to create your town. These attackers will attempt to kill you, but you may defeat them using cannons. In this game, you may defeat your opponents in a variety of methods. There are many armors and weapons that may be used to battle your adversaries. Your armor will help you withstand enemy strikes. The tower-mounted cannons are totally automated, and they will fire as soon as an enemy reaches them.

Upgrade Items

There are many things you may upgrade to give yourself more power. Your homes and towers may be simply improved so that your attackers will find it difficult to quickly destroy them. You can win fights more easily if you upgrade your guns and other equipment. You have access to a wide range of additional customization choices and may even upgrade your character. There are several game stages that can only be passed if you are outfitted with powerful weapons and gear.

Simple Controls

With Lumbercraft’s easy controls, you can jump right into the action. You may freely move your character while cutting wood to gather lumber. You may move your character in any direction, even toward trees, towers, homes, and other objects thanks to its very sensitive touch controls. To view more possibilities, interact with the game’s many items. Enemies are automatically killed by your towers using cannons. The game’s atmosphere is colorful and has simple graphics.

Play for Free

It costs nothing to download or play this fantastic crafting game. They are free to download, so you won’t need to spend any money on them. The game has a huge variety of stages, and each stage is unique from the others. By creating structures and gathering wood, you may have fun playing the game. To make free cash, gather logs and sell it. You may improve and construct your towers and other buildings with those cash. As your house advances, more fantastic ways to engage become available. Because it has been thoroughly scanned, playing this game is completely secure.

Millions of Coins

The hacked game version of Lumbercraft has limitless coins. In the game, you may get free coins and buy anything you want. Upgrade your towers and buildings by spending multiple coins. Due to the fact that you already have millions of coins for free, there is no need to trade and sell logs in order to obtain coins. The whole game’s levels and features are available. Enjoy the game’s easy controls and straightforward graphics.

Enjoy Offline

You need not worry if you want to play this game but lack an online connection because the mod version will allow you to do so. This game may be played without any issues offline. Due to its high level of efficiency for all Android devices, this game does not cause your smartphone to overheat. Enjoy cutting and creating on your mobile by downloading it free right now.


In the unique action and arcade game Lumbercraft, you may chop wood and gather lumber. Build building, homes, and a village using those lumbers. Fight your opponent and use cannons to destroy them. Because to its easy graphics, you may play this game smoothly on any device. You can quickly improve your character and towers in the game. If you buy the game’s mod, you can acquire limitless coins for nothing. Use those coins to easily upgrade your gear and other goods.


Q. How to get coins in Lumbercraft apk?

By chopping and selling wood, you may make money. Trade free coins.

Q. How to get Lumbercraft Mod Apk for free?

Visit our website to get the game’s mod for free and get unlimited funds.

Download Lumbercraft Mod APK v2.3.1 (Unlimited Coins) Download

Download (153 MB)

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