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Mad Zombies APK Mod v5.30.0 (Unlimited Money) Download For Android

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Name Mad Zombies APK Mod Mad Zombies APK Mod is the most famous version in the Mad Zombies APK Mod series of publisher Android
Publisher APK Mod
Genre Action
Size 102.59MB
Version v5.30.0
Mod Version v5.30.0
Total installs 5,000,000,00+
Content Rating USK: Ages 12+
Update - (3 days ago)
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Unlimited Money

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The journey of the zombie hunter is continued in ZOMBIE OFFLINE GAMES. They are fighting for a great duty, but it is not easy because the zombies are becoming more crowded and dangerous as the day of the dead methods and the entire world is still held back by zombies, fire is everywhere, and the day of the dead is coming. Some zombie killers are trying to regain control, but it is not easy because the zombies are becoming more crowded and dangerous. In this zombie game, will the fight eventually come to an end or not? It everything depends on you, the lone survivor!

The Mad Zombies MOD APK (Unlimited Money) download is available here. You have reached the terrible and deadly realm of zombies; welcome back! This time around, the game will be a really appealing shooter focusing around zombies. It is a game called Mad Zombies that was made available by VNG Games Studios. Your objective is to use the gun to shoot each and every one of these frightening zombies before they can kill you. Fight and stay alive until the very end if you want to earn the title of finest zombie hunter.

What is Mad Zombies APK?

Mad Zombies Apk is a freemium web app. The fundamental game elements are free, but premium things require money. This game’s goal is to kill all zombies and save the planet. To slay zombies, you’ll need several deadly weapons. VNG Game Studio released this game. It’s a wifi-free android offline game. Realistic, exciting gameplay. Zombies will prowl the city. You must chase them before they attack. These walking, thinking dead can attack. If they bite you, you’ll die. You must complete missions and daily objectives for rewards and level unlocks. As you level up, you’ll battle dangerous zombies.

What is Mad Zombies MOD APK?

Mad Zombies has been changed. Mad Zombies MOD APK,Downloading is safe. It has many features the normal version lacks. No advertisements, limitless tools, etc. Our website offers free downloads. Mad Zombies mod apk is free and includes all premium goods from the original game. You’ll have infinite gold, medals, firearms, grenades, etc. Standard and hacked game play are equal. The mod apk version is glitch-free.


The human race is working on a nuclear device that they name MAD. Mice were used in the experiment, and unfortunately, the results showed that the mice grew disturbingly distorted. When a species is infected with this virus, the treatment allows it to quickly spread throughout their body and causes them to develop a craving for blood. The germs that cause disease are carried by these mice, and although scientists have attempted to get control of them, it appears that it is too late. Now that humans are turning into zombies, it is absolutely crucial that you remove them and locate those who have managed to escape.


The only thing you have to worry about doing in Mad Undead is pointing your rifle in the direction of the zombies. They move quickly and randomly. They can still rush after you, attack you, and bite you despite the fact that they are dead. Make a huge impact on them!


When all you have to do is aim and pull the trigger, the gameplay in this game is quite easy. In accordance with the plan, the move was carried out mechanically. You will be guided by a lovely young lady who goes by the name Lucy. However, because to the large number of opponents, your strategy needs to have a high degree of customization in order to fast remove the foes before they have a chance to kill you. A zombie may be killed much more quickly and with few bullets if it is shot in the head. There is a wide variety of weapons available, including handguns, machine guns, and even bombs.

Crazy and bloodthirsty enemies

Your adversary is comprised of crazed and hungry zombies, just like the name of the game, Mad Zombies. They seek out the remaining and put a forceful end to their lives in vast numbers. In addition, you won’t just run against regular-sized zombies, but also plenty of huge zombies and flying zombies as well. In addition to this, whenever you are in sniper mode, unknown zombies will come charging at you from all directions to end your life. Note the following! Zombies, particularly in unknown place, are often crazy and more lethal than usual. There are nearly 200 tasks to complete, and inside each objective there are numbers upon hundreds of vicious and ugly enemies.


The weaponry system in Mad Zombies offers a wide variety of options, allowing players to fully engage the terrible enemy they face. There are many different kinds of guns, including handguns, machine guns, and sniper rifles. Depending on what it’s going to be used for, each gun has a different range of abilities. In addition, there are more parts of the rifle and improvements that may be bought for it. Atomic grenades are another type of weapon that may cause damages across a wide area. Specifically, guns have unique impacts that make shot more effective and efficient overall. If you choose your weapon based on its purpose, you can experience results you weren’t expecting.

Having a good understanding of your weapon is not enough, though. It is essential that you put them to use in a legitimate conflict. Headshots are the most effective way to quickly kill zombies while saving your energy.

New experiences

When you enter Mad Zombies, you will be changed into a genuine soldier who has been through a variety of fascinating events. Playing video games from the first-person viewpoint gives the most enjoyable experience. The zombies are brought to life using graphics that are amazingly real in 3D. The most of them originate from infected medical professionals, law officers, and so on. They constantly have their backs turned to you with eyes like the prince of darkness, and their bodies are covered in blood. What a terrible thing! As a result, the experience of playing games seems more natural and dramatic than it ever has before. Show to everyone that you are a brave soldier by doing so.

Multiple Weapons

You’ll need all of your strength and might if you want to defeat these deadly and insane zombies. Your greatest advantages come in the form of the many weaponry that this game provides. There is a wide variety of weaponry available, including machine guns, handguns, rifles, grenades, and a great deal more. It is important that you select your weapons with carefully. Choose the one that will do the most harm.

Powerful Tools

This game provides you with powerful tools to aid you in standing your ground against these dangerous zombies. These tools include grenades, rifles, and other lethal weapons that can be used to eliminate the zombie threat. And survival kits, hideouts, and first aid kits that can be of use to you in your attempt to live.

Offline Availability

The vast majority of fighting games with graphics that are this lifelike and this packed with features require players to have an online connection. However, Mad Zombies is a game that can be played without an online connection, so players may enjoy it whenever they want, regardless of whether or not they have access to the internet.

Unlimited Medals, Gold and Money

There are a variety of applications for the various types of gold and medals that you earn for achieving various levels of success in various missions and daily tasks. On the other hand, in the first draught, reaching those goals is a very difficult job. Because of this, the mod apk version offers you infinite gold, money, and medals, all of which have the potential to make your time spent playing the game more fun.

Unlimited Grenades and First Aid Kits

The game’s most effective tools, including grenades and first aid kits, include items like these. They are of assistance to you in your fight against the live dead bodies. When you download the hacked version, you will have access to an infinite supply of grenades and first aid kits.

Ads Free

The gameplay in the modified version of mad zombies is completely free of adverts. Where you can carry on with your game without having to pause it because popup banners keep getting in the way. The disturbance of the game by advertisements can throw off the rhythm, which is why games without ads are almost usually preferred.

Unlocked Premium Items

The premium edition of the game in its original form demands players to pay actual money before they may use its features. This premium edition of the game is packed with the most powerful weapons and gadgets, which are essential for fighting more strong zombies. On the other hand, the Mod Apk version includes all of these features at no additional cost. You will not be required to pay to access them.

Unlocked Weapons

The vast bulk of the game’s heavy weaponry are behind barriers and cannot be accessed. To gain access, you will need to buy online. This problem was similarly resolved by the hacked version. because it makes all previously purchased weapons completely free to use. You are free to use them without any limits.

How to Download & install?

Click “Download.”

If the download doesn’t start automatically, click above.

First, ensure your device can install third-party files. Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.

Install the APK.

Downloading files is easy.


Mad Zombies is a good zombie-killing game. Its traits identify it. Its 3d effects and upgrades are outstanding. This game’s journey is amazing.


How to gain infinite gold and weapons?

Mad Zombies MOD APK gives you unlimited money and all weapons.

Mad zombies is offline. Ads?

This offline game has advertising. App developer places it.

Download Mad Zombies APK Mod v5.30.0 (Unlimited Money) Download For Android

Download (102.59MB)

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