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PGSharp Mod APK v1.50.6 Download (Unlimited Money)

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Name PGSharp Mod APK PGSharp Mod APK is the most famous version in the PGSharp Mod APK series of publisher APK MOD
Publisher APK Mod
Genre Social
Size 212 MB
Version v1.50.6
Mod Version v1.50.6
Total installs 9,000,000,00+
Content Rating USK: Ages 12+
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MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Unlimited Money

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Pgsharp is an android application that modifies Pokemon go. This app allows Pokemon go on any device. It has additional features than the original game and lets you play without walking. This is a customised version of Pokemon Go on any device. You can capture all the pokemon and get experience via battling. Battle gym leaders everywhere.Because the map in this game is linked to a Google map, it is not necessary for you to wander about in the actual world. You may discover gyms, poke stores, Pokémon, and other features of the game by using the joystick to navigate about the world. You are able to control how swiftly you walk in order to reach other locations in a short amount of time. This game has been modified previously, but there is also a mod for this game that gives you access to even more features and benefits.

PGSharp Mod APK

Pgsharp Apk

Pgsharp is one of the greatest gaming apps available, and it enables users to play Pokemon Go on their Android devices directly. You may download this application on a variety of different devices, all of which will allow you to play Pokemon Go without any difficulties. This is a modified version of the game, in which the map has been connected to a Google map, and you are free to go wherever you choose within the game world. You can become the best Pokemon trainer in the game if you catch and train all of the available Pokemon. You have the opportunity to earn coins, which may then be used at pokeshops to purchase various stuff, such as pokeballs, potions, and other things.

Pgsharp Mod Apk

This gaming app’s modded version, known as Pgsharp Mod, provides you with additional advantages and benefits as you play, making for a more enjoyable experience overall. You will have access to an endless supply of stardust in the game, which you may use toward the evolution of some rare Pokemon. If you don’t want to keep such Pokemon, you can always sell them for cash. You will have access to an endless supply of XP, which will make it much simpler for you to develop your Pokemon and make them more powerful. For this particular modification, having a rooted device is not required in any way. You won’t run into any issues while attempting to use or install this modded version on your Android smartphone at all.

Virtual Controls

The Pgsharp app is a customised version of the gaming app that allows users to play Pokemon Go without exerting themselves in any way. You will be able to play the game to its full extent by making use of the virtual controllers that will be included. It comes with a simulated joystick that you can use to move about in the game. This game’s controls have been fine-tuned to a great degree and are sensitive to touch. You may also browse the settings to learn about the many choices that are available to customise your gameplay. You may use these virtual controllers to play this game on any Android smartphone you own.

Catch all Pokemon

It is a wonderful app for playing video games, and within it, you can play Pokemon Go and try to capture all of the Pokemon. There are around 700 Pokemon in the game, ranging from the very first generation to the very latest. You won’t have any trouble capturing even the rarest and most desirable Pokemon in the game. There are a great number of legendary Pokemon that are difficult to capture, but if you use this gaming app, you will be able to go to different regions and capture all of the legendary Pokemon. Construct a formidable Pokemon team and engage in combat against the other trainers competing in the game.

PGSharp Mod APK

Use Map to Teleport

Pgsharp grants you access to incredible benefits that have been updated within the game. You may use Google map to investigate all of the areas in the game that are available to you. You have the ability to store your current position, making it much simpler for you to go to various cities and villages inside the game. You won’t have to go through any trouble when you utilise the map since it allows you to teleport from one spot to another. This gaming tool makes teleportation incredibly simple, as it enables you to swiftly travel to any location inside the game world. You will have no trouble travelling to different nations in the game and will have no trouble finding and catching even the rarest Pokemon.

Addictive Gameplay

The gameplay of Pokemon go is quite addicting, and you may keep playing the game for what feels like hours without ever getting bored. You may engage in a wide variety of activities, such as capturing Pokémon, travelling to new regions, shopping for Pokémon-related goods, and many more. You can become the champion of Pokemon World if you win the game’s championship and then go on to defeat all of the gym leaders. Locate Pokemon with legendary status and continue to train them until they reach their fully evolved state. You are also able to simply modify your walking speed, giving you the freedom to explore quickly or slowly depending on how you are feeling.

Safe to Play

The download is completely risk-free and cost-free, and there are no hidden fees or costs associated with any of the in-game items. You don’t need to pay anything to access or play Pokemon Go on your device. There is not even a hint of a virus within it, and there is no request for any kind of personal information. You do not need anyone’s permission to participate in this game at all. This game may be installed on your device without causing any problems related to storage space, and it is completely free to play.

PGSharp Mod APK

Unlimited XP

The hacked version of this great gaming app is called Pgsharp Mod, and it also comes with features that have been tweaked. If you don’t want to engage in battle, the game provides you with an infinite supply of experience points and stardust, both of which you may use to level up your character and their Pokémon. You will have little trouble evolving your Pokemon into their final forms and gaining access to new moves in the process. Stardust may be used to develop rare Pokemon into even rarer versions, which will in turn make your team stronger.

No Root

It is not necessary to have a rooted device in order to use Pgsharp Mod, and the game may be easily installed and played. You may navigate between different areas of the game world by making use of virtual controllers and teleportation. Even on a device that has not been rooted, all of the changed functionality may be used. You won’t encounter any ads while playing, and you’ll have an unlimited supply of cash to spend at the many pokeshops.


Pgsharp is a fantastic gaming application that allows users to play Pokemon go on any device. You have the ability to capture your favourite Pokémon and then teach them to become more powerful and better. Participate in gym fights and emerge victorious against the respective gym leaders to collect badges. You have the ability to teleport yourself to other areas of the game at certain points. You are equipped with virtual controllers that allow you to move around the game world. The modded version of the game grants you access to additional features, such as an infinite supply of stardust, XP, and money. You have easy access to an infinite supply of money within the game, allowing you to purchase anything you choose.

PGSharp Mod APK


Q. What’s the best Pokémon for a beginner to train in the Alola region?

Beginners should try Staryu. It transforms into strong Starmie.

Q. Is this Application available in free mode?

It’s free worldwide. This app’s user doesn’t pay.

Download PGSharp Mod APK v1.50.6 Download (Unlimited Money)

Download (212 MB)

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