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Pocket Ants Mod APK v0.0727 Download (Unlimited money & gems)

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Name Pocket Ants Mod APK Pocket Ants Mod APK is the most famous version in the Pocket Ants Mod APK series of publisher APK MOD
Publisher APK Mod
Genre Strategy
Size 70 MB
Version v0.0727
Mod Version v0.0727
Total installs 5,000,000,00+
Content Rating USK: Ages 12+
Update - (2 days ago)
MOD Info Unlimited money & Gems
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( 586 ratings )
Price: $0
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Unlimited money & Gems

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Ariel Technologies is the company that published the strategy game known as Pocket Ants. You will not, however, be tasked with devising an efficient plan to lead an army like you would in previous games; rather, you will take on the role of a manager and assist the queen in constructing a stronghold with the assistance of your followers. One may say that the introduction of Pocket Ants is a shining example of innovation in the highly saturated strategy game market of today. As a result of its innovative and engaging gameplay, Pocket Ants has received over one million hits from users from all over the world. At the moment, there is no cost associated with downloading this game at all.


You may get the original version of the game, which is known as the Pocket Ants APK, by downloading it from the play store or downloading it from the internet. It requires an operating system version of Android 4.4 or above. It allows for in-app purchases of premium products, with prices ranging from PRs 160 to PRs 15,800 per item. When you first start the game, a user interface will come on the screen and ask for your account information. Following that, you will be able to enter your colony and begin constructing it.

 Pocket Ants Mod APK

You will need to construct a total of nine different rooms. Construct each one, beginning with the room for storing food, in sequence. As you continue to provide food for the queen ants, more worker ants will emerge. Once your colony is established, you will have the ability to attack neighboring colonies in order to advance in rankings and get valuable resources. The game features graphics that are quite accurate to the actual world.


The Pocket Ants MOD APK is a game whose base code has been altered from its original form. Both versions have gameplay that is very similar to one another. It provides all of the functionality that are available in the ordinary apk version while maintaining the same aesthetics and an intuitive user experience. On our website, you will find a link that allows you to get the mod APK for no cost.

There are a few modifications that have been made to the mod apk version, such as an environment free of ads, free premium tools, infinite purple gems, unlimited leaves, and many pheromones, among other things. The addition of these features elevates it above the base edition in terms of dependability and intrigue.

Ants Colony

The primary objective of Pocket Ants is for the player to establish their very own ant colony. All of the ants in the colony, including the Queen ant, the player ant, the worker ants, and the soldier ants, dwell within these chambers and carry out the duties that have been delegated to them.


There are nine distinct chambers to be found within the ant colony. Each one has their own own significance and requirement. These rooms include those for the processing of food, the storage of leaves and seeds and body parts, the storage of body parts, the nursery chamber, the chamber for the queen, the chamber for animals, the honeydew chamber, and the resin chamber.

Worker Ants

When a new ant pupa is born, the worker ant colony immediately puts it to work on a particular task. The colony is home to a large number of worker ants, all of which are diligently pursuing the tasks that have been delegated to them. Their job is to bring food to the queen and to gather other things, such as leaves, seeds, body parts, and tree resins, among other things.

Enemy Ants

The objective of the game Pocket Ants is to eliminate all of the many hostile ants that stand in your way. Especially the red ants, they have the potential to be lethal. Additionally, the ants from other colonies are your enemies, and you will need to engage in combat with them in order to protect your colony.

Ants Skin

You will have a variety of options at your disposal in this game to personalize your ant colony in accordance with your preferences. You may alter their whole color scheme, as well as the form and size of their bodies, to make them appear more menacing and threatening. in order for everyone to be able to identify which colony they are a part of.

 Pocket Ants Mod APK

Purple Gems

Purple gems can be earned as a prize or spent as a form of in-game cash. When you successfully finish a task, you will receive a purple gem as a reward. You will be able to get a wide variety of unique objects with its assistance, including a variety of ant skins, monsters, honeydews, fungus, strawberries, shields, and combat tokens. You may also purchase these jewels with real-world currency.

Deadly Creatures

In order to construct a powerful army, you will need to capture a variety of dangerous monsters. They will then be tamed by the ants and made available to join your army after being taken to the creature’s chamber. There are many different kinds of insects accessible, including termites, crabs, grasshoppers, and spiders. You will need to raise your level in order to unlock the golden monsters.


You will be able to engage in combat with other players of the game if you choose to play in the battle mode. You and other creatures serve as soldiers and battle against their army. If you are victorious, you will receive a variety of resources, including pheromones. Using these resources, you may improve your army and purchase a variety of various things.

 Pocket Ants Mod APK

Daily Quest and Challenges

There are a variety of objectives and challenges presented to you on a regular basis, and completing them will earn you a variety of wonderful gifts. Every obstacle that you overcome brings you one step closer to establishing your colony. There is a book that can be obtained that details each and every test as well as the prizes that may be won.


The Pocket Ants video game also has a part that players may use to shop. There, you’ll find a variety of abilities and gold animals for sale, as well as opportunities to improve the strength and speed of your worker and army ants. Honeydews, resins, and pheromones are being received in exchange for the transaction.


There are millions of people all around the world that play the game Pocket Ants. If you compete against any of them or take part in a competition, you will receive a position on the scoreboard that is proportional to how well you do. There are five different leader boards to choose from, and they are as follows: diamond, platinum, gold, silver, and bronze.


You may choose between two different control schemes in this game. Two ways: one with a joystick, and the other using the accelerometer on your phone. Within the options, you’ll find a choice that allows you to pick the control that works best for you.

Unlock Preminm Features

One of the most interesting aspects of the mod apk game is that it makes all of the game’s premium tools entirely free to use and access. This is one of the game’s most outstanding features. There are bundles of purple gems that, in the original game, can only be accessed by paying real money, but in the mod apk game, players have access to an infinite supply of these bundles.

Unlimted Resources

This game, just like any other game, makes available a variety of various resources that might come in handy. This consists of pheromones, prussian blue jewels, purple gems, leaves, seeds, honeydews, and resins. In the version of the game known as mod apk, you are able to get all of these materials in an endless quantity without having to spend any money or finish any tasks.

Ads Free InterFace

When you’re in the middle of an engaging game, having an item or video flash up may really throw off your rhythm. This is the most significant issue with apk versions of games. Users of the mod apk version are therefore provided with an interface that is uncluttered and free from any adverts that may cause a disruption or interruption.


The innovative and engaging video game Pocket Ants gives players the opportunity to create their very own ant colony from scratch. It provides a large number of features that are both amazing and distinctive. Ants are a great subject to study since they can teach us many things, such as how they cooperate and aid one another.The fight mode is filled with exciting and daring experiences. You are the one who organizes and commands the army that will destroy all who stand in your way. Playing this game and constructing the various chambers of the colony will most likely be enjoyable for you.

 Pocket Ants Mod APK


Q. Can you play the Pocket Ants game offline?

No, it requires an internet connection to play.

Q. How to unlock all the premium tools of Pocket Ants completely free?

Download the game’s mod apk to unlock all goods without paying.

Download Pocket Ants Mod APK v0.0727 Download (Unlimited money & gems)

Download (70 MB)

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