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Pokémon GO MOD APK v0.253.0 (Teleport, Joystick, AutoWalk) Download For Android 2022

Android Android Adventure
Name Pokémon GO MOD APK Pokémon GO MOD APK is the most famous version in the Pokémon GO MOD APK series of publisher Modapk
Publisher APK Mod
Genre Adventure
Size 116 MB
Version v0.253.0
Mod Version v0.253.0
Total installs 5,000,000,00+
Content Rating USK: Ages 12+
Update - (3 days ago)
MOD Info Teleport, Joystick, AutoWalk
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Teleport, Joystick, AutoWalk

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Are you familiar with the Pokemon cartoon movie? These cartoons are among the most well-known cartoons that were popular when I was a kid. There is a video game that is based on these cartoons in every single way possible. The video game Pokemon Go is an exciting journey. This game has a wide variety of cartoonish monsters in its virtual world. You might also refer to these creatures as Found that the selected if you choose. This game has every single one of the Pokemon.

You are going to need to capture these Pokemon. This is a game that may be played either indoors or outdoors. In order to progress through this game, you will need to identify a great number of Pokémon using the camera. if you are able to identify and capture these. You may compile a collection of them by defeating each of these digital monsters and bringing them back to life. With the assistance of GPS, you’ll be able to play this game. Utilizing this GPS will assist you in capturing these dangerous beasts. These are concealed in the environment around you. You may catch all of these graphic monsters by downloading this game and playing it. This game is completely free, and the download is really simple.

What is Pokemon Go APK?

An adventure game, Pokemon Go APK features characters from several cartoons as playable characters. In addition, there are various limitations imposed on you in this game. Within this particular iteration of the app, it is not possible to remove any limits. Because of these constraints, it may be difficult for you to capture every Monster in this game. You will not be able to finish this game if you do not have all of the Pubg that are required to play it. This game may be downloaded into android devices at no cost.

What is Pokemon Go Mod APK?

The Pokemon God Mod APK version of this application is the one that has been changed. In this version of the game, all of the limitations that prevent you from capturing all of the virtual monsters, often known as Pokemon, have been removed. This modified version is available for free download here. When you get this version for free, it will be much simpler for you to capture all of the Creatures. This version does not cost anything to use. Download this free version of the adventure game, and you may take use of all of the game’s features without spending a dime.


Virtual Monsters

This game has a large number of terrifying digital opponents. The Python animated series is responsible for the creation of each of these creatures. You may engage in a variety of games with these monstrous creatures of varying types. You are able to do more than only battle with these creatures; in fact, you can even collect them.

Discover Pokemon World

You are going to have to explore the world of Pokemon. The Poke universe is one of a kind and really intriguing. You have to solve all of the puzzles and riddles that are hidden around this Nintendo universe. As a result of your exploration, you are completely knowledgeable about the Pokémon universe.

Dual Playing Modes

This is a game that may be played either inside or outside. This game has two distinct game modes. It is not difficult to play either mode of this game. You are free to play this game anywhere you like you want to play it. This is the simplest game that can be played either indoors or outside, and it gives you the option to do either.

Collect all Pokemon

You have to get all of the legendary and rare Creatures by playing this game both inside and outside. You are likely to encounter a good number of Dragons everywhere you go, regardless of whether you are indoors or outside. You just have to obtain each and every Monster in order to win this game.

No Root Required

However, this particular installation of the game does not require any form of rooting whatsoever, in contrast to other versions of the game. This version does not require you to have root access to play. You may also obtain this version without having root access.

Anti-Ban Version

This version of Pokemon is an anti-ban version of the game, which means that it cannot be played in some countries. You need not worry about being kicked out of this game in order to play it or download it; you may do either.

Unlimited Money

In the modded version of this game, you have access to an infinite supply of money. You have the ability to use this limitless money to enhance and improve the capabilities of the Pokemon you have in the game. This money is available to you at no cost.

Radar Unlocked

You’ll also have the ability to unlock the radar if you play the please reset of this game. Utilizing this radar will assist you in locating each and every legendary Animal. Because of this functionality, collecting Pokemon is now more simpler and quicker.


GPS is also included in this modified version of the game. Only in this version of the game do you have access to these mod features. With the assistance of this GPS, which is exclusive to the mod version of the game, you will be able to locate each and every Creature. You will have little trouble determining the whereabouts of any and every Species.


You should give this game a go if you enjoy watching the Pokemon cartoons. Playing this game does not provide any difficulties. The gameplay elements of this game are simple. The video game has every Pokémon that has ever been featured in the anime or novel that you may catch in the real world. This game features the most amazing visuals. You could have fun participating in this game. Both downloading and playing the game are completely free of charge.


Q. Is this game Pokemon Go Mod APK safe to download?

It is safe to download this game, yes.

Q. Can Android devices be used to get Pokemon Go Mod APK?

Yes, Android devices may download this game.

Download Pokémon GO MOD APK v0.253.0 (Teleport, Joystick, AutoWalk) Download For Android 2022

Download (116 MB)

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