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Rope Black Hole Hero MOD APK v1.5.2 Download (Unlimited Money, Mana, Skill)

Android Android Action
Name Rope Black Hole Hero MOD APK Rope Black Hole Hero MOD APK is the most famous version in the Rope Black Hole Hero MOD APK series of publisher APK MOD
Publisher APK Mod
Genre Action
Size 32 MB
Version v1.5.1
Mod Version v1.5.1
Total installs 5,000,000,00+
Content Rating USK: Ages 12+
Update - (4 days ago)
MOD Info Unlimited Money, Mana, Skill
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( 363 ratings )
Price: $0
MOD Info

Unlimited Money, Mana, Skill

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You will play the role of a hero who is dark in color and has no face or other distinct features. Your look is nothing more than a flexible and see-through human body. It makes me think of the liquid character from Terminator. Therefore, the first impression is one of chilliness, with a dislike to be touched. But after getting used to it and having some fun with it for a bit, this form may also be rather adorable. The fact that it’s odd and not like any other normal hero I’ve encountered is the most essential part about it.rope-black-hole-hero-mod-apk

Because Black Hole Hero is composed of a cosmic black hole, all of the capabilities associated with a black hole that you are familiar with will be present in the game. For instance, you could be able to start an electric fire that destroys everything in an instant, or you might be able to raise your hand to form a little cosmic black hole that devours everything and leaves no trace behind… In addition to these cosmic abilities, he possesses a complete weapons of weapons (which you will gradually upgrade as you progress through the game), and his armor is also getting thicker and more durable, to the point where it can sometimes even withstand ballistic missiles fired by high-ranking members of the Mafia.

Rope Black Hole Hero APK

Because Rope Black Hole Hero Apk is a free game in its base form, players are able to freely download and install it from the internet without incurring any costs. The player has access to a wide variety of elements in this game, including a variety of lethal weapons, vehicles, and hero appearances, as well as a multitude of exciting tasks. It gives you access to a 3D city simulator that you may use as a battleground, where you can perform tasks while walking around the streets. This game makes use of in-app buying, and in order to use several of the premium tools, you will first need to purchase them.

In this video game, you take on the role of a superhero who possesses the power to create black holes. This black hole has the ability to eat anything, including people, weapons, and cars, among other things. You are at liberty to move about the entire city and carry out any activity that is within your power, provided that you do it responsibly. You are free to engage in battle with any member of the mafia or criminal underworld in order to show your control over the city. You have the strength to either be a hero or a villain, depending on how you use it. Your objective is to rid the city of all of the crooks and mafia members that have taken up residence there. You have the option of robbing people or working for coins that you may use to buy a house, automobiles, and other items.

Rope Black Hole Hero Mod APK

The regular version of this game and the Mod apk version of the game both have some minor differences. As a result of the fact that it adds a great deal of content and tools to the game that were absent in the initial release. The entire game may be played for no cost, and there are no in-app purchases or premium features available. This modified version is entirely secure and more dependable than the original. Along with all of the features included in the normal edition, it also provides a number of extra choices. In contrast to the original edition, it does not have any ads in the surroundings.

The primary gameplay mechanics and user interface are identical to those found in the apk application. In this instance, you also take on the role of the black hole hero on the same battlefield. The controls are responsive and there is no noticeable latency. Without making a purchase, you get access to all of the tools.


Due to the fact that this is an action-based game, you will be required to accomplish 20 challenging tasks. There will be some missions that are simple, while others will be challenging. You may finish them off with a variety of equipment, including automobiles, military vehicles, firearms, and other things. You will be rewarded monetarily upon successfully completing the task once it has been turned in.


Power and Strength

Your hero has the potential to get incredible powers as well as a unique ability to control black holes. You can gain strength by engaging in battle with anybody you encounter while walking along the street. You also have the option of engaging in war with mafias that question your leadership. Playing this game gives you the impression that you are the most powerful person in the city and that everyone else should be terrified of you.

Deadly Weapons

This game features the usage of a wide variety of impressive weaponry. You are able to make use of them to bestow additional power upon your hero. These weapons will assist you in completing tasks and winning battles against your opponents. There is a wide selection of different kinds of firearms available. You will need the money you earned from completing missions in order to purchase these items.


This game has a wide array of practical transportation options, including race cars, military vehicles, bicycles, and even skateboards. You can use the money you’ve earned to purchase the option of your choice. There are a variety of different vehicles, such as taxis and ambulances, that may be used for the purpose of generating income. You will also have access to air fighters and helicopters, both of which will be of use to you in accomplishing tasks.

3D Graphics and Smooth Controls

This game’s user interface is relatively easy, and it has some really impressive 3D graphics. The boldness and reality of the game are both enhanced by these graphics. Its aesthetics will definitely appeal to you. The game’s controls are quite straightforward and simple to use and comprehend.


Different Appearances

You have the ability to customize the hero’s physical appearance to reflect your personal taste. You are able to pick the character’s look that you want from the shop. Your hero need to be a reflection of your own character.

Useful Items

The city serves as the primary user interface for this game. Everything will feel exactly the same as it does in real life. This game gives you the chance to buy helpful goods that will assist you in the game or in your living style game. These products can either aid you in-game or in your real-life game. In the same way that you may buy a house, complete with its furnishings and automobiles. You will get a sense of what it’s like to live in the real world through this.

Unlimited Money

You need money in the game to purchase the various cars and weapons available. In this version of the game, you have access to a limitless amount of money, which you can spend on whatever you choose within the game. Using this money, you may buy a house, design it in accordance with your taste, and buy a car of your choosing. Every game requires players to spend money in order to progress. You will have a smoother experience controlling the game if you obtain it free of charge.

Complimentary Premium Version

In this hacked version, every feature that was included in the original edition is available for free. All of the premium features and customization choices that come with the normal edition are included in this one at no additional cost. There are no constraints placed on your usage of any of the tools. Because of this, it is now superior to the first version.

Ads Free Environment

Because it may be downloaded from the internet for free, the default version of the game has a significant number of pop-up ads. Any kind of disruption throughout the game has the potential to ruin the game’s rhythm, which in turn might lead to poor feedback. An environment free of ads is made available by the Mod apk version in order to address this issue. That won’t allow you to lose interest, that’s for sure.


More Features

In addition to the tools and features that come standard with the game, the Mod apk version of the game includes a wide variety of extra options and components. These tools will assist you in making your hero more powerful and unbeatable than ever before. You are free to make use of them in accordance with the circumstances to your advantage.



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1. Make sure your device supports third-party file installation. Turn on Unknown Sources in Settings > Security.

2. Install the downloaded APK file.

3. Here are step-by-step steps for downloading games with Downloads folder files.


There are a lot of action-based games that can be played on the internet, but the rope black hole hero game stands out from the crowd thanks to its one-of-a-kind features and gameplay approaches. Everyone in this dull world is searching for some excitement, which may be found in this game.

The game appears to be more attractive and exciting due to the wide array of vehicles and weaponry that are available. It enables you to employ your full strength without restriction or limitation, giving you complete freedom to do so. You will find that this game is quite interesting; you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to play it.


Q. How to get unlimited money in a rope black hole hero game?

Rope Black Hole Hero Mod is downloadable. Because it’s limitless money.

Q. Is it safe to download the Mod apk version of role black hole hero?

Secure mod apk version. Download it and enjoy the game’s features.

Download Rope Black Hole Hero MOD APK v1.5.2 Download (Unlimited Money, Mana, Skill)

Download (32 MB)

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