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WhatsApp Prime APK Latest Version 11.2 Download Full Anti-Ban 2022

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Name WhatsApp Prime APK WhatsApp Prime APK is the most famous version in the WhatsApp Prime APK series of publisher APKMOD
Publisher Apps
Size 14.74 MB
Version 11.2
Mod Version 11.2
Total installs 5,000,000,000+
Content Rating USK: Ages 12+
Update - (2 days ago)
MOD Info Full Anti-Ban
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( 439 ratings )
Price: $0
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Full Anti-Ban

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Whatsapp Prime APK

  Basically, Whatsapp Prime APK is a modified shape of Whatsapp’s official application for android which provides better features and interface to its users like protection of account from ban, customization, large size of videos, copy paste facility, a good file transfer option and many more. Once you will download and install the Whatsapp Prime APK, you will enjoy its all feature free and user friendly mod. The traditional Whatsapp applications do not sustain the interest and attention for long time due their repetition of features and formalities for its downloading which cause to lose the apprehension of the users apparently.

Introduction of Whatsapp Prime APK

 Whatsapp Prime APK owes a lot of features like sharing files, zooming images, safe file transfer, best interface for chatting, large size of videos, safe account and many more for its users as compared to it official application and other modified Whatsapp application. Whatsapp Prime APK itself a modified version and is provided free of cost and widely used in the whole world as it light and easy to use.

  Whatsapp Prime APK has a large number fantastic features which loved by its users. The users can enable or disable the call option without disabling or turning off internet connection of android. The customization option is also a charming feature of Whatsapp Prime APK which allows the users to create the interface by putting theme, style or logo according to ones need. There are a lot of social media tools like twitter, face book, intstagram, telegram and messenger etc but Whatsapp Prime APK has its own charm with distinct features and functions which are ever liked by its billion users all over the world. You can also enjoy all its features by installing Whatsapp Prime APK right now.

Features of Whatsapp Prime APK

Whatsapp Prime APK owes a lot of features in its modified versions which attract its users as compared to other whatsapp applications of android whether those are official whatsapp or modified whatsapp applications. These are some of prominent feature of Whatsapp Prime APK.

·      Protection of account from banning

Whatsapp Prime APK provides a safe way to protect the account of user from banning. So, we can say that it is safer than other WA applications which are not so secure and can be banned by some unnecessary procedures. So, if you are using Whatsapp Prime APK then you should not worry about its banning at all as it safer and secured modified version of its original official whatsapp version. User feel free while using Whatsapp Prime APK.

·      Customization

You can customize its different features according your needs and requirements. So, this feature makes Whatsapp Prime APK distinct from other whatsapp applications. The user can customize the interface of android by different theme, logo or style which they want according to their will.

·      Space for large size videos

Whatsapp Prime APK provides a big space for video file to its users because the every user prefers the feature of large size video spacing capacity. Official whatsapp or other modified versions whatsapp have a limited space for video file. So, this version of WA is more preferred by the users all over the world.

·      Copy paste facility

Like other Whatsapp applications, Whatsapp Prime APK also provides the facility of cut, copy and paste the text one place to other on android which save the time of users by writing the text or transferring the image files.

·      A good option for file transfering

Whatsapp Prime APK provides a good file transfer option to its users in a friendly manner. Likewise, some other modified versions, which do not have user friendly approach for file transferring, this feature makes the Whatsapp Prime APK prominent to others whatsapp applications.

·      Best chatting option

Whatsapp Prime APK provides you a best option of chatting with your friends, business partners, family members or other stakeholders. The usage of options of chatting is very user-friendly and easy accessible to every level of age, education or gender.

·      Characters limit

Whatsapp Prime APK enhances the limit of characters of text and images to its users which makes Whatsapp Prime APK a best option for users over other original official or modified versions of whatsapp application on androids because limited characters option is always not welcomed by the users.

·      Zooming the images option

Whatsapp Prim APK facilitates its users by proving the best options of enlarging the images and zoom in or zoom out functions. The users can utilize this option of Whatsapp Prime APK according to his/her need.

·      No need of approval from admin for chatting

Unlike other whatsapp applications, Whatsapp Prime APK does not require the prier permission for chatting from admin. So, this a distinct feature of Whatsapp Prime APK which make it comparatively better from other official or modified versions of whatsapp applications for androids. The admin approval is a sanction which is not liked by the most users while chatting or sharing the ideas to each others.

·      Call button options

In Whatsapp Prime APK, the user can enable or disable the call buttons which avoid from accidental calling while chatting because if the user unconsciously makes a call which he or she does not want to make, this will be an act of shame because the receiver gets panic from unnecessary calls.

·      DND Mod

DND mod supports the users to turn off or on the call without turning off internet which is more boring for users because if the user just wants suspend the Whatsapp and continue other android applications running. So, this problem is resolved by the modified version of Whatsapp Prime APK.

Downloading of Whatsapp Prime APK

You can simply go the option of download Whatsapp Prime APK and click the download option which provides the guidance for its downloading on your android and then go to its installation.

Installation of Whatsapp Prime APK

v  Go to android setting and allow the unknown source option

v  Go to the link for download option

v  Click to download

v  Create the backup if you are updating or uninstalled already

v  Now click on install option

v  If any option is displayed, simply click on yes

v  Complete the process of registration and verify your phone number

v  A congratulation message will be displayed for Whatsapp Prime APK installation

Updating the Whatsapp Prime APK

You can update Whatsapp Prime APK by updating its latest version which keeps you updated with its new versions with new features provided by the official website of the Whatsapp Prime APK.


How can I update my Whatsapp Prime APK?

Ø  Go to android setting and allow unknown Source

Ø  Download Whatsapp APK update version

Ø  Click on option of installation

Ø  Create backup

Ø  Verify registration with your phone number

Ø  Your Whatsapp Prime APK will be updated and enjoy

 Can my account be banned?

No, not at all because Whatsapp Prime APK protect your account from banning and provide a safe environment to its users.


We can conclude that Whatsapp Prime APK is the best solution for day to day communication, chatting and relations to our friends, business partners, and family members irrespective to their location on a single click in a better way by comparing the traditional Whatsapp applications because of its fantastic feature like protection of accounts from banning, regular updating, save large size file transfer, best chatting option, DND Mod and many more chanting features…..

Download WhatsApp Prime APK Latest Version 11.2 Download Full Anti-Ban 2022

Download (14.74 MB)

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